SKINFIX – organic herbal cream, a topical herbal skin recovery complex, is an innovative herbal cream concept developed with a highly refined formulation. SKINFIX – organic herbal cream will deliver those extremely satisfying results that even the most discerning consumer is looking for.

SKINFIX – skincare beauty products are the culmination of our many years of experience and understanding of skin metabolism and physiology – and how skin responds to the “herbal remedy” approach.

Carrying for skin, was an important concern to cultures around the world. From the oldest civilisations to the modern times, “taking care of skin” was and still is an important and for many, a daily activity. Traditionally herbs and oils were the main ingredients for this activity. We follow traditions and we offer to you, some well kept secrets by great and beautiful women in history.Beautiful glowing skin is the trademark of skin that is healthy and functional. By understanding how skin how skin lives and what it needs, we can achieve that “glow” we all are looking for.

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Appreciation post. Your product is amazing. My mum gave us a jar to try on one of my twins who has been covered head to toe in blister eczema. We've spent several hundreds of dollars on natural creams and bath soaks, bath washes and oils, nothing had work and this was a last resort to try before having to use steroid creams. She's clear as a daisy now. We get very mild flare ups but after one application it's back to normal. Thank you from one very happy mummer.
Charlene Theiss
September 20, 2017
Amazing stuff This is amazing. My daughter had suffered from Rosacia for many years. I was told about this product and what amazing results. My daughter uses this product once in the morning and once at night with remarkable results. No-one even knows that she suffers from Rosacia.This miracle cream is not only great
Tina Marinos
January 20, 2018
Your salve is so wonderful; I would not want to be without it! I had ordered it some time ago and absolutely loved it. My daughter-in-law brought me one jar for Christmas last year and again later on; she bought it from a friend who is a distributor for SKINFIX in Calgary / Alberta, Canada. I use it as a facial cream day and night and especially on any blemishes and it works where nothing else worked! I am so happy that I discovered this cream that you created it. Although I found imitations, yours is the premium product! I am so pleased with your Skinfix, I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you! A Good Christmas time to you all!
I. T
December 11, 2014
I tried this product just to see if I could get any relief from the eczema in my ears, thinking it would be another jar sitting in my vanity.... To my surprise - this works !!! It is my savour and have also purchased in the tube to ensure I have it with me at all times. Instant relief from itchiness, flaking skin has stopped and I would highly recommend this to anyone. Help yourself out and get onto this
July 21, 2016
I will forever be grateful to the person who first introduced me to Skinfix. I had rosacea on my cheeks and nose, and any cleanser/moisturiser combo I used just made it worse! I went to a Health Food Store and asked for a cleanser to help my skin. They didn't really know for sure, but told me to give Skinfix a go. AND I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK! Honestly, I couldn't recommend this enough! It's amazing. The cleanser works so well, my skin is super clear, and just everything about it feels right. It feels natural.
August 11, 2013

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